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New Video-Clips of the PLEXMAN and the FUZZ ACE:       



A new pedal is in work! It gives you the unique sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan. One could say a "Stevie in a box". There are four knobs: Sustain, Volume, Boby and Sweetness. The pots dial very even and give a extreme wide range of colours.

The magic of SRV's sound is the singing sustain without distortion. My new pedal does it the same. The guitar player gets a sweet sustaining tone that every player or listener loves.

Not less important is the playing feel. No effort for an awsome tone! The pedals response supports the player and let him feel good and play better.

Here's a sound-clip of the prototype: A Strat played through a Fender Deluxe, miked with a SM57:


A sound-clip will follow soon....