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Fuzz Ace

Test of the FUZZ ACE in the Gitarre&Bass Magazine

I never liked the classic fuzz tones. Way too muddy, woolly, no definition. Why not go a different way and create a fuzz without all these disadvantages? Combining the raw character with stability, dynamics an a good cut through the mix...

So, here it is! With the toggle switch on left there is the PLEXMAN's fuzz sound, but with lots of more gain. If you switch right to the fuzz mode you get a fuzz out of hell. This fuzz is able to play chords, give lots of sustain and an even decay. It's dynamics is superb. Roll back your volume on the guitar and you get a nice clean tone with sparkling highs. With the tone knob your are able to create many different colors. All the knobs can be adjusted in their movement individually. This makes it impossible for the pots to move during transport.